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Our Identity

Education for the 21st century forming
happy and successful people.



Our values

We form happy and successful
people committed to society.

Be a leading institution in international quality
education, sensitive to global needs.

These are some of the institutional values that characterize Pan American School:
• Honesty
• Compromise
• Loyalty
• Respect
• Happiness

Our Philosophy

The school supports cultural and intellectual diversity. Students develop in an environment that invites and stimulates them for learning with enthusiasm, developing academic skills, proficiency in English, Spanish and German language, safe to face challenges, with a sense of responsibility towards their community and themselves, where good example is our constant concern to build a solid character.

Much of our philosophy is summarized in the institutional lemma, taken from Latin, “Crescat vita excolatur”, which not only motivates, but also orders appropriate growth in everything that involves education: spirit, mind and body.

Our Educational Model

At Pan American School, we work with techniques for the development of critical thinking skills. Therefore, our students develop the ability to learn throughout life.

Ethical conduct is based on the values of Pan American School.

The mastery of English language competence is what makes our curriculum innovative.

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